Risk Assessment to reduce exposure and maintain an acceptable risk tolerance.

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Protect your assets and resources from threats.

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Holistic, Client-Centric Risk Assessments Tailored for Financial Firms

TrendMicro has estimated that 78% of organizations have suffered a data breach over the past two years. Financial firms are increasingly being targeted and attacked, as hackers realize that they make lucrative targets. Regulators and clients are stepping in to demand greater protections to ensure that financial firms are taking necessary precautions.

Holistic Risk Assessment

A complete deep-dive into not just tech infra and networks, but also software development, front/middle/back-office integrations, workflows, and automation.

Vendor Due Diligence

Tailored expert diligence of third party providers that maintain key data and systems on your behalf.

Network Testing

nternal and external testing of networks to find easily exploitable holes and to reduce the impact of malware internally

Staff Security Training & Phishing Tests

Custom phishing tests leading into staff security training sessions to raise awareness. Staff are provided with an engaging presentation on the risks and how they can do their part to mitigate them.


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